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Venerable Samu Sunim, January 2017

Mexico, Land of Bugambilia

Bugambilia is called "Four-o'clock,"
For they flower in the afternoon
Throughout the year.

Its flowers are homeless
They grow out of small trees, shrubs, or herbs.
Often they climb fence or vine or other trees,
to contest their tropical beauty in bright red, pink, yellow, or white.

Having myself indulged on the ways
of tropical flowers-suddenly an old rooster belched
out his cockcrow to remind me that it's Four-o'clock
In the South.

I looked around bewildered.
A young vendor sitting under a palm tree
Called me hard with waves of the hand.

In no time he pulled out a machete and started
cutting coconut. Coconut juice was 20 pesos, add
two spoonful of mescal 50 pesos.

Another three big spoonfuls of tequila will make me
Cocoloco. He said, "Cocoloco will change all bad times
into good times. They are all from cactus, very good."

For a moment I felt like a modern Rip van Winkle for my loss of memory.
Then the Mad Monk Jung Kwang walked right into my heart.
Jung Kwang wanted to become the Dirty Mop to clean
the missteps of people. Mad Monk wanted to live free from obstacles.

Jung Kwang wanted to be born as a woman in the next life.
Where are you? I like to take you to pulque pubs and cantinas.

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Spring Wind Newsletter: Fall/Winter 2014

Spring Wind Sangha Outreach Program

This program is for those who are interested in promoting the Buddhist values of nonviolence, compassion, and tolerance, and in cultivating a practice of meditation and self help while offering a helping hand to the world. It is for all who are loyal to the earth and global village.

The program encourages the formation of small grassroots Sanghas in different locations throughout the country, particularly where there is little access to urban Buddhist temples for regular practice. This program would enable small groups of people to hold regular weekly services in a public space or in the home of one member. The weekly service would include:
1. Prostrations
2. Taking Three Refuges
3. Fifteen minutes of meditation
4. Ten minutes of walking meditation
5. Maum chanting in intervals separated by contemplating peace, love, and happiness as qualities of the mind
6. Discussion on incorporating or promoting Buddhist values in their particular environment

We recommend that chairs be used for the services as mats and cushions are not readily available. Also, we recommend the use of social media or online forums for group discussions via the internet. If you are interested in organizing a local Buddhist group where you live we would be happy to support you with training and materials. Please be in contact with Ven. Samu Sunim at 212-888-6262 or nyc@zenbuddhisttemple.org.

If one Buddha attains the way and harmonizes with the Dharma world The grasses and trees, the earth and soil, one and all become buddhas and bodhisattvas.

Special transmission outside of scriptures, Don't be afraid of entering the non-dual gate of liberation!

Mind and environments are one, Things and self are not two!

Ven. Samu Sunim

Ann Arbor
Mexico City Location
New York City Location

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