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Haju Sunim

Haju Sunim Haju Sunim at the Lake Chelsea, 2009

Rev. Haju Sunim (Linda Murray) has been a student of Samu Sunim since she first showed up on a motorcycle for a full morning meditation sitting in Toronto, Canada in 1976. Since that time she has dedicated her life to the Dharma, most recently as the resident priest and for the Ann Arbor Zen Buddhist Temple in Michigan, where she has lived since 1982. Much loved, Haju is an example of "an ordinary Buddha, a Buddha of deep humility and compassion" according to Samu Sunim. She was ordained as a priest by Ven. Samu Sunim in 1989 and received Dharma transmission in July 3, 1999. On this occasion, Samu Sunim gave this verse to Haju Sunim:

Dharma is the Universe.
Earthworms and flies are Sangha;
Rocks and soil, Buddha.
Play with your boundless heart
Enjoy unlimited action.

Haju Sunim was born in Vancouver, Canada in 1944. She taught in alternative schools in British Columbia and in the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser College. As a single mother Haju raised two daughters.

Haju Sunim Precept-Taking Ceremony in 1983 at Toronto: Haju (then Dharma teacher) sitting in front row at the far right next to Wolha Sunim
Haju Sunim Haju Sunim (then Sukha) at her ordination as priest at the Toronto Temple, 1989 (with Toan)
Haju Sunim Haju Sunim sitting at the Sunday service, Ann Arbor, 2007
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